Oasis Zhuang Ecological Leisure Farm

Oasis Zhuang ecological leisure farm is located in Zhouzhuang town of Kunshan city tourist area, located for "first Jiangnan Water Zhouzhuang" named "oasis Zhuang" Millennium ancient capital Suzhou, West, east of the modern metropolis of Shanghai, adjacent to the Beijing Shanghai high-speed, high-speed Suhu, G312 national highway, highway, waterway, railway transportation is very convenient. Covers an area of 160 acres, surrounded by green water, beautiful scenery, beautiful natural environment.
Farm development with leisure, equestrian, clubs, tourism is given priority to, through the display of South of Jiangsu folk custom, promote the Yangtze River Delta culture, actively promote eco clubs, rooms, riding, healthy vegetables, fresh fruit, fruit wine brewed Wine and other business development projects, with modern enterprise management system, adhere to market-oriented, standardized, the scale of the business policy, advocating the farming culture, denim, low carbon life, harmonious and natural philosophy, embodies and always get better products and leisure dedicated to consumers of the enterprise mission, take the self development, promote the development of Road oasis industrial upgrading.